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Renovations and Remodeling

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Houseline construction takes the responsibility of converting your vision into reality. The essential endeavor in everyone’s life is the construction of a home. Building a dream home is always very challenging and demanding for the owner. Everyone has their desires and expectations for their dream house.

Traditionally, when someone plans to build a house, the first thing he does is to contact an architect for a house plan. After the plan is confirmed, he then separately contacts a constructor, and then after the construction is complete, he must hire a designer separately. The house owner, being a single point of communication for all of them, has to bear the responsibility of cooperation among all parties.

The three parties being hired separately will surely be a headache for the owner. It is possible that the designed house by the architect looks amazing but can’t be built within your estimated budget as he may over-design your house without any clear vision and budget. 

Similarly, a house builder without any designer will have to ask the owner for every small Style and color decision. To make this process easy for you, Houseline Construction comes with its design and build contract.

Comprehensive Project Lifecycle Overview

Site Visit:

Our expert team provides cost-free consultations, analyzing site dimensions and complexities like soil composition and potential obstructions.

Design Phase:

Collaborative effort involving owner, architect, engineer, and project manager ensures creative designs meeting client goals, handling legal processes seamlessly.

Budget Estimation:

Precise budget definition crucial; detailed cost estimates provided with frequent financial updates.

Construction Phase:

Skilled workforce and high-quality materials led by dedicated project manager ensure projects are completed to highest standards.

Project Completion and Handover:

Thorough inspection post-construction ensures client satisfaction before handing over the dream house.

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We are committed to building a sustainable future by fostering a collaborative spirit that creates exceptional experiences, balanced relationships, and enhances a community’s built environment.