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House Extensions

The home is indispensable; therefore, each house and building needs renovations instead of construction. The building deteriorates through the ages and demands several modifications and enhancements. 

Our team of professionals analyzes the ground realities and maps a plan to maximize the space and increase the property’s value. We can remodel and renovate the home to improve your property’s value. 

Extensions and renovations also demand several legal affairs. Instead of purchasing a new property, renovating the existing property is always better. For adding valuable space, we can find out the potential of extensions.

Design and Build

Besides construction, the houseline construction company in South East also provides design and build services. You can have your approved design, and we will construct it for you. Similarly, we also work out designs and plans for your property that you can use for

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New Build Homes

Building a house is, on average once in a lifetime event. Housline provides the complete package, from permissions and site approvals to finalizing the flooring, paints, and interior setups.  

Our managerial department communicates the ideal plan of the location with the client and customizes it according to their needs. They also inform clients about the merits and demerits of several elements. Architectural design and material used for building are pre-planned, and both sides adhere to their commitments. 

Home Improvements

The improvements are a necessary part of home maintenance. However, compromised artisanship can damage the property. Therefore, Housline Construction, SouthEast helps you improve the home by analyzing the home condition and suggesting the best possible improvements. 

Without exaggerating the existing problems, we work out the plans that can improve your home structure without draining your budget. Moreover, we also identify the faults in constructed structure and resolve the issue with the best possible solution. The improvements include flooring, bathroom settings, underfloor heating and electrical systems in the home.

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We are committed to building a sustainable future by fostering a collaborative spirit that creates exceptional experiences, balanced relationships, and enhances a community’s built environment.