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New Build Homes
Looking for a quality and experienced contractor for building your New Home?

New Build Homes

A home is not just a building; rather, it’s a way of living. It provides you shelter and protection from the outdoor world. If you are planning to construct a new house for yourself, then it must be the most important project of your life. Houseline construction is here to guide you at every step and help you achieve your dream house in Southeast.

Houseline construction provides the highest quality material and assistance at every phase of the construction. We will provide you with a professional and experienced team who will guide you from the start of the project till the end. Our team comprises experts, building contractors, sub-contractors, and a project management group. 

Our well-experienced experts, who have been in this field for a long time, will analyze the ground realities as well as your requirements and suggest the best plan for it. We will also provide you with a free quotation for it. Once you approve our plan, we will start the construction without any delay. Houseline construction provides skillful and well-experienced building contractors and the best project management team to its clients. They work in collaboration with each other and make sure to deliver the highest quality and complete the project within its estimated budget and time.

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What Makes Us Unique?

Houseline construction always understands the values of its clients and builds accordingly. We are a leading construction company in South East and always believe in creating long-term and strong relations with our clients. Here are some of the significant benefits which we provide to our clients

Client Focused

One of the most essentialaspect in a construction project is communication. From budget range to planning and implementation, completing every single step successfully requires good communication among all the parties involved. Houseline Construction always pays topmost attention to its clients and makes strategic plans to meet their demands.

Project Management

Project management is another key task during the construction project. It requires effective communication as well as a good knowledge of the industry. Our company will provide you with the most experienced and professional project managers. The responsibilities of our project manager include

  • Effective communication with the client as well as other relevant parties of the project
  • Arranges regular meetings with builders, designers, as well as client
  • Prioritizes the tasks which must be completed first
  • quickly finds the solutions for any problem during the project
  • Responsible for delegating

Realistic timeframes

Houseline Construction always completes every single project in its estimated time. Our well-experienced project management team knows how to manage all the tasks timely.

Accurate Budget

We provide our clients with an accurate and realistic estimation of the project’s cost. Our well-experienced team makes sure to complete the project at an affordable cost without compromising the quality. 

Free realistic Quotation

We provide free realistic quotations to our clients. Our company always believes in transparency and does not surprise its clients with any hidden costs.

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Home Build services by Houseline construction

Houseline construction knows the importance of quality building materials and skillful labor in any construction project. We have the most experienced and professional building contractors in London. They work in collaboration with our project management team and specialist sub-contractors to finish every project with the highest standard and just according to the client’s desires. Though every single detail of your project will be done with complete expertise, here we have mentioned some of the main factors to which we pay special attention.


The foundation of the house is one of the most important factors in house construction. A strong foundation keeps the building safe during natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, strong winds, etc. If the foundation of ahouse is not strong enough, it may sink or collapse. Houseline construction makes sure to build a strong and firm foundation for your house.

Before starting the construction, the first thing our builders focus on is a reliable foundation. They always provide a good and stable foundation to the house by using high-quality materials and skillful techniques, which remain stable even after many disasters.


Aggregates are made by mixing granular materials like gravel, crushed stones, and sand with water and cement. They are another important factor in house construction. Low-quality aggregates lead to poor concrete and hence reduce the overall durability of the house. House construction makes sure their aggregates are strong, hard, and chemically inert. The sand used in every construction is free from any clay lumps or slits. The qualities of good aggregates are

  • It should not contain hygroscopic salts
  • It should be hard, clean, and free from any coatings of clay or chemicals
  • It should not be elongated and flat
  • It should be non-glassy and rough-textured
  • It should be free from organic materials


Improper and poor compaction of the cement cause air voids in it, which reduces its overall strength. Also, over-compaction causes segregation of cement and makes it weaker. Our skilled and experienced workers make sure the effective compacting of concrete. Also, we have specialist sub-contractors to supervise all these small details to avoid any material wastage. 

Framework and centering

During site work, we make sure to take proper measures to avoid any injuries and material losses. Unstable and weak framework and centering may even lead to life losses. Our builders make sure the centering is strong enough to keep the soft concrete in place until it hardens. To maintain the stability of centering, it is supported bybraced props. 

High-Quality brickwork

As brick is the main building block of your house, it must be chosen with care. Your house will only be safe if its walls are strong enough. Houseline construction always chooses the highest quality construction material for its projects. We use high-quality, compact, and sound bricks that are free from any stone nodules or air bubbles. The bricks used in your project will neither be under-burnt nor over-burnt. Our expert team first examines all the construction material and then delivers it to the site.


After the construction is completed, the next step is to work on the floor, walls, and roof. There may be many uneven surfaces on walls, and plastering is done to give them a good finish. A plaster is basically a mixture of sand, gypsum, water, and fibers. The purpose of plastering is to give a smooth, even, durable, and clean finish to the walls. Houseline Construction provides excellent plastering services to its clients. Our skilled workers make sure the plaster keeps adhered to even in extreme climate changes. Our plastering techniques include

  • Skimming
  • Floating
  • External and internal plastering

Other services

In addition to the construction of the house, we also provide electricity, gas, water, and plumbing services to our clients. So that, just after the complete build, your house may be ready for your family to move in. We always install high-quality wiring and plumbing material that is durable and lasts for generations.


Important Factors to be considered while building a New House

If you are planning to construct a new house, then keep in mind that it’s much more than a normal building.Your home must be comfortable and strong enough to protect you from the vagaries of nature.Following are some essential factors that you must consider while building your dream house.

    • Understand your needs and desires, and ask yourself how you always wanted your dream home to be?
    • Estimate your budget 
    • Select the right location that best suits your budget and lifestyle
    • Choose an experienced and trustworthy builder
    • Listen to the advice of experts, as they are much more experienced than you.

    • Make sure every single material used in construction is of the highest quality, as it’s a lifetime investment.
    • Effectively manage the available space by keeping your future plans in mind.

    • Choose where you want your PowerPoints to be, keeping in mind all the appliances such as laptops, TV, Microwave, fridge, washing machines, etc. 

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