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Looking for a quality and experienced contractor for your House Renovation?

HouseLine: The Best House Rennovation in South East

Want to transform your home into a stunning and luxurious one? Houseline construction company offers you complete and comprehensive home improvement services. When you buy a house, it may not be a perfect one according to the home of your dreams. We will make your home more inviting, improved, and heavenly for you.

Houseline construction is the most reliable contractor in the Southeast. We provide a professional and dedicated project management team that supervises all the project work and is your key contact throughout the project. Our experts ensure the excellent quality and success of every project. 

Why should you choose us?

  • We provide free competitive, and realistic quotations and do not surprise our customers with hidden costs.
  • Our company promises to complete your project within its Realistic timeframe.
  • Our dedicated project manager collaborates with our experts to deliver you more than your expectations.
  • Our expert staff will assist you at every step, from planning, and applying those plans with your permission, until the completion of the whole project. Regular meetings are arranged to discuss the progress of the project.
  • We always choose high standard workmanship by a skilled tradesperson for every project.
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Home Improvement Services

Many different elements in a house may need improvement and renovation. It may be difficult for a common person to understand, so the best idea is to consult an expert. Houseline construction is an experienced company with decade of experience in home renovations and improvements. 

We will make things simpler for you with our expertise and knowledge. Houseline construction South East offers you the following home improvements to add utility and value to your property.

Remodeling and transforming home

In the home Remodeling process, a damaged, broken, and outdated house is repaired and transformed into a pleasant and modern style build. There are many good reasons for remodeling your home. Such as to increase your home’s value, fix a safety issue, or make your home more enjoyable and comfortable.

If you want to sell your house, you still need a good renovation. As older homes may look outdated and less attractive to buyers, upgrading their style according to new trends will add a lot of value to them. We provide our clients with anincredible home transforming team comprising experienced and professional experts who will guide you at every step according to your needs.

Housline construction will transform your house into a brand-new one for you. Our team will identify your property’s construction faults and suggest the best possible solution. Our company also offers custom renovations, in which you can also choose to renovate only a certain portion of your house according to your desire. Meanwhile, we don’t overcharge our customers and make sure the renovation is less expensive for them. 

Kitchens and Bathrooms fitting

We offer the best kitchen and Bathroom fittings to homeowners in towns and cities of South East. We will provide you with fully customized designs, professional craftsmanship, and outstanding customer service.

Houseline construction knows the value of a kitchen for a family. It is the central hub of social engagement in a daily routine. You enjoy cooking and making delicious dishes in the kitchen while entertaining your guests. Cabinets, flooring, appliances, plumbing, and countertops are crucial kitchen parts. We make sure to bring you a dream kitchen with the best quality materials.

Moreover, we specialize in bathroom remodeling and have been serving homeowners in southeast for a long time. We provide an expert bathroom designing team to make your bathroom comfortable and best for you. Our team always chooses the best bathroom fixtures, such as knobs, faucet handles, sconces, and towel racks.

Smart Home System

Housline construction installs an excellent smart home system for its customers. In a smart home, you can automatically control your home appliances, such as lights, fans, etc., using your smartphone or tablet through an internet connection. 

Smart home technology plays the role of your personal assistant. You can use it to control security systems, monitor energy use, television, cameras, and even appliances such as washing machines and refrigerators. It also enables you to control unnecessary electricity use and saves your hard-earned money. 

One of the main reasons behind the increase in smart home technology is security and efficiency. It alerts the homeowners if a motion is detected in the house in their absence. Houseline construction provides the best smart home technology in South East. We ensure the best connectivity and automation for our valuable clients.

Central and Underfloor Heating

Houseline construction installs the most advanced central and underfloor heating systems in southeast. A central heating system provides centralized heating or cooling to a building or house. In this technology, heat is distributed throughout the building or a portion of the building according to the client’s requirement. Our company will provide you with the best and most long-lasting central heating technology so that you can easily control your house climate.

Under-floor heating is another smart way to keep your house warm. It works on a radiant heat technology in which it warms the people and objects of a room directly from the floor. Houseline construction provides the best Underfloor heating systems in southeast, which are more energy-efficient and low maintenance.

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Electric Work

A major portion of your electrical systems is installed behind the walls, and it’s impossible to make even a small change without taking help from a good consultant. Housline Construction provides the best services to upgrade your old and problematic electric system.

If you plug in a device and after some time the plug falls itself, it means that you need to upgrade it. Outlets should have gripped the plug when you inserted it into its holes. Similarly, some old houses may need a wiring up-gradation.

Houseline construction provides the best team comprising experts, planners, and experienced electricians who will upgrade your electric system for long-term use. Our experts will analyze the installed electric wiring, detect the problems, and provide the best budget-friendly solution.

Wood Flooring And Tiles Fitting

Do you want to install a new wooden floor or repair the old one damaged by water, pets, or furniture moving? Houseline construction offers a complete solution for flooring installation and repair. We provide high-quality wooden flooring and tiles fitting to house owners in South East

Tiles play a key role in maintaining the beauty of your house and living place. To keep your home look elegant and smart, you need to maintain the cleanliness and beauty of the tiles.

If you want to fix the tiles of your kitchen, bathroom, or living area, our experts will guide you and provide you with the best tile installation service in South East. We make sure that the tiles don’t crack in the future. Also, if you want to install a heat flooring system, you may need an expert tile installation. Our specialist team will provide you with a guaranteed and long-lasting service for it.

Carpentry And Joinery

Houseline construction loves to provide its clients with elegant and unique joinery with a functional finish to cabinet sets. The secret to beautiful carpentry and joinery is to balance design dynamics and absolute functionality. Our passionate and multi-skilled carpenters deliver a perfect combination of design and quality that lasts for generations.

We use our natural or specially prepared wood for carpentry and joinery services. Meanwhile, we provide our clients with a professional and creative team that is always on hand for challenging problem solving and designing. Our carpentry and joinery team comprises experts, designers, and well-experienced carpenters. Our team makes sure every single construction is excellent in quality and style. 


Houseline construction thrives on providing excellent quality landscaping services to its clients. We have the best team of expert landscapers who have been working in this industry for a long time. We design a landscape that suits your house best. 

Houseline construction knows the importance of the garden for a family. Well-maintained landscapes offer huge benefits to people and the environment. Also, they are a stress relief and healing place for you. 

If your landscape needs maintenance or has lost its natural beauty dueto lack of care, we will bring back its beautiful colors. Or, if you are not happy with your current landscape, we can give it a whole new look.

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