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Houseline construction takes the responsibility of converting your vision into reality. The essential endeavor in everyone’s life is the construction of a home. Building a dream home is always very challenging and demanding for the owner. Everyone has their desires and expectations for their dream house.

Traditionally, when someone plans to build a house, the first thing he does is to contact an architect for a house plan. After the plan is confirmed, he then separately contacts a constructor, and then after the construction is complete, he must hire a designer separately. The house owner, being a single point of communication for all of them, has to bear the responsibility of cooperation among all parties.

The three parties being hired separately will surely be a headache for the owner. It is possible that the designed house by the architect looks amazing but can’t be built within your estimated budget as he may over-design your house without any clear vision and budget. 

Similarly, a house builder without any designer will have to ask the owner for every small Style and color decision. To make this process easy for you, Houseline Construction comes with its design and build contract.

Houseline Construction’s Design and Build Team in South East

Houseline construction believes that the journey of the whole project with the client is as important as the result. Our mission is to provide our clients with an excellent delivery experience. 

We always believe in honest, transparent, and long-term relations with our clients. Following are some major perks of hiring our professional and dedicated team.

  • We care about your hard-earned money and always provide accurate and realistic cost estimations for the project. 
  • We provide a free quotation, with no hidden costs.
  • Our team makes sure to complete the project in its estimated time.
  • We have the best teams comprising the most experienced architects, designers, contractors, project managers, and tradespeople. Our team always delivers more than the expectations of the client.
  • We provide our clients with all the necessary attention they need. Our team arranges regular meetings with them and delivers just according to their desires.
  • We have the most dedicated and professional project managers who handle all the necessary communications among all the parties involved in a project. 

What is our Design and Build contract?

Our company will control the whole project from design to construction in our design and build contract. We will handle all aspects of your project, including architecture, management, construction, and interior designing.

Our design and build team includes general contractors, project managers, estimators, designers, and architects. You won’t need to take responsibility for all those multiple communications. Our team will work cooperatively to convert your dream into life within its estimated time and budget. 

After putting your trust in Houseline construction, you can rest on the side, and we will be here to take all your stress upon ourselves. Following are some major services included in our design and build contract.

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The initial step of a building project is to draw a plan for your structure or house. Houseline Construction has the most experienced and skilled designers in the whole South East, who will provide you with the best plan for your house. Our team will emboss all of your ideas in plans, suggest suitable options, and then create an incredible plan for your dream home.

Project Management

The project management team handles all the communications among elements involved in a mission. Our team makes sure every detail of the project is according to the client’s demands. 

Project managers regularly create billing reports and progress reports of the project for the house owner. They are also responsible for the purchase of construction materials and equipment. Our experts make sure every material and technique used in the project is of the highest standard.


Houseline construction is best known for its high quality and durable constructions, in the whole South East. We have the most skillful and experienced building contractors and sub-contractors. They collaborate with the designers and management team to make sure every detail is delivered according to the client’s demand. 

Moreover, our company always uses the highest quality material and skillful workmanship for every project.

Interior Designing

A home is the most important place in everyone’s life. It must give you a comfy and heavenly feeling after returning from a long tiring day. In our interior designing services, we will make your home aesthetically pleasant for you and effectively manage the space. 

Our skilled designers first understand the owner’s desires and then make the best use of the space available. They make sure the internal space designed by them is beautiful, safe, functional, and just according to the client’s needs.

Houseline Construction’s Design and Build process

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Site Visit

Once you contact us, we will assign a professional and expert team to your project. We provide a cost-free consultation and quotation to our clients. Our team will visit your site to analyze the possibilities and understand your requirements. 

We will measure the exact dimensions of the site as well as analyze other complexities to understand the need for any extra construction materials for site preparation, such as soil, made-up ground, sand, and marsh. 

The site must be clear and graded. Any extra trees or underground structures may affect the building process, so they must be cleared first. Another important thing during the site visit is to test the soil. In soil testing, our experts analyze the soil’s ability to absorb water and ability to withstand the structure. In addition, a geotechnical site investigation is also performed.

Design phase

The owner, architect, engineer, building contractor, and project manager all work collaboratively in design creation. It’s a team effort, and each member contributes to the creation of a design that reflects the client’s goals. We make sure to provide: 

We make sure to provide

  • Creative designs
  • Professional Architects
  • Legal processes such as planning permission, party wall agreement, building consent, etc., all will be handled by us

It is important to ensure your house design is in accordance with your and your family’s needs. For example, if you want an open-plan kitchen and dining area so you can cook while spending time with your friends and entertaining family. Or, a protected outside seating area with a gas fire pit and BBQ, where you can enjoy BBQs with friends and family. Your home design must satisfy all such requirements.

Budget Estimation

One of the most important elements of a project is the budget. The amount of money you can afford to spend on your project has a big impact on the architect’s design. Therefore it’s important to first define the budget as precisely as possible.

Once you’ve agreed on a design, our team will prepare a detailed cost estimate for you, including a breakdown of construction work as well as our fee. We’ll also send you frequent financial reports to keep you up to date on how your budget is being spent.

Construction phase

We know the value of high-quality building materials and a skilled workforce for a construction project. An expert team comprising a dedicated project manager, building contractors, and sub-contractors will be assigned to your project. We have the most experienced and skilled building contractors. The building contractors are responsible for hiring specializedsub-contractors. 

The building contractor collaborates with the project management team and professional subcontractors to ensure that each project is completed to the highest standard and in accordance with the client’s wishes.

Project Completion and hand over

After all the construction work is finished, our team will thoroughly check all the detail to make sure all the work is completed according to the clients’ requirements. Once our team approves the completion of the project, it will be handed over to you. Now your vision has been transformed into reality, and you can enjoy living in your dream house.

Criteria to Select a Perfect House Design

If you are going to build your own home, it must be a huge milestone in your life. A home is not an ordinary building, it’s a place where your children will be raised, and after a long tiring day, you will relax and recharge yourself. 

So, it must be designed sensibly to satisfyall of your desires and demands. Your perfect house construction design must have the following qualities.

  • First and foremost, listen to your heart; how have you always wanted your house to be?
  • Combine your dreams with the practical realities
  • It should be according to your current lifestyle as well as plans
  • It must be according to your estimated budget
  • It should fulfill the space requirements of your family
  • The Style should be according to the location
  • It must be convenient and comfortable for your family, as this is the main purpose. 
  • Always consider the features of the land such as great views, the best place for sunlight, etc. 
  • Don’t forget to keep some budget for finishing touches and landscaping
  • Always listen to the advice of local experts, as they identify the position realities much better than a common person.
  • Last but not least, actively listen to your family members to get an idea of how they want to live in their new home 

Benefits of our design and build contract


Design and build save you from major time delays due to a lack of coordination among architects, designers, and builders, as everyone is on the same team. 

In the case of a traditional approach, where you hire all the parties separately, you will have to face a lot of time delays. Such as, after approving your plan from the architect, you will have to wait for weeks to receive bids from the construction companies. Similarly, you may have to wait for the construction materials depending on the project’s complexity. 

Houseline construction provides you with a single platform for your project’s phases. You will not need to waste any time on bidding steps. Our team will execute multiple components of your project simultaneously, and there won’t be any communication delays.


Our Design and Build contract will also keep your costs in control. As our designers and builders work cooperatively, they often suggest changes to each other that can save money without compromising on the quality. Before starting the construction, our whole team analyzes the plan. It makes all the necessary changes, so you will not have to bear any additional costs for changes during the construction work.

Less stressful for you

Hiring and managing all the parties individually will surely prove much more stressful for you. You will have to handle all the responsibilities single-handedly and ensure communication among them. There may be arguments among them, and you will need to sort them out. Houseline construction provides you with all the groups under the same roof to make the whole process stress-free for you.

Design Your Future with Us

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