Our Services

Home Extensions

The Houseline Construction service is all about the design and creation of living space in your home that really does reflect your lifestyle, interests, and aspirations.

We are specialist in home extensions – from the smaller and simpler single-storey side and rear wrap-around extensions for example to the more complex one and two-storey extensions incorporating substantial internal remodelling and refurbishment.

Whatever the size of your particular project, we will ensure that your home (given planning permission) will have the fantastic additional space that you require. A well-designed extension can substantially improve your living and entertainment spaces. When we work with you, you can rest assured that we will deliver the highest standard of build combined with affordable prices.

Loft Conversion

As professional residential builders, loft conversions and the rebuilding/enlargement  of roof spaces is a type of construction we handle on a regular basis. These can be tricky jobs in your own home: we fully appreciate that you will have many questions, and we are happy to help you cover everything you want to know. And, most importantly, make sure you know everything you need to know before you finally make a decision to go ahead with your project. These are projects which more than pay for themselves in terms of increased property values, and we will keep you fully informed on everything you need to know all the way through the design and build process.

New Builds

We welcome new-build projects including detached houses for private clients right across the Thames Valley and West London area.

It’s our commitment to ensure your experience with us is trouble-free and professionally managed from the beginning to the end of the contract. We can build to a design you already have, or can use our architectural network to design a house that suits your specific tastes and requirements. Passionate about design and quality of construction, we also have the creative flair to blend the latest trends in interior styles with practical modern day living.

Our team will look after every aspect of your project from planning, design, building regulations and the on-site construction. Our proven team of tradesman work to the highest standards in order to custom build and fit out the luxurious home you’ve always desired.