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Looking for a quality and experienced contractor for your Loft conversion?

Houseline Construction: The Greatest Loft Conversions in South East

Want to transform your Loft into a beautiful bedroom or home office? Houseline construction is here to provide you with amazing loft conversion ideas and help you achieve the best results at a reasonable price. We offer four different types of loft extensions that will provide you with extra space in your house and increase its value. 

Four Different Types of Loft Conversions by Houseline Construction

The concept of Loft Conversions has gained much popularity in United Kingdom, especially in South East. A loft conversion involves turning space on the roof into a room or storage place. It is a cost-effective method to get some extra space in your home. Houseline Construction provides four different types of Loft Conversions depending on the structure of the house and the client’s desires.

Dormer Conversion

Dormer Loft Conversion is a popular method to add some extra space to your house. A dormer loft is a box-shaped structure that extends beyond the existing roofline of a home. The vertical walls and windows of a loft area are a superb way to add more headroom and light. Dormer conversions may be any kind of house, including terraced, detached, and semi-detached properties.

Dormers can be of different sizes, styles, and shapes. Most of them fall under permitted development (PD) and do not require any approval from planning permission. However, some councils in South East has different rules depending on the size of dormer conversions. 

Hip to Gable Conversion

A hip to gable loft conversion is an ideal option for a house with a hipped roof that limits the internal headroom of an attic area, even if it is otherwise spacious. This kind of Loft conversion is very popular on detachable and semi-detachable properties with sloping roofs. They are more expensive than dormer conversions and require approval from planning permission, but they are an excellent choice for gaining much more space. 

Mansard Conversions

Mansard conversions, named after the famed French architect François Mansard, may be found in many densely populated places, particularly on terraced townhomes. This type of loft conversion has a horizontal roof and a nearly vertical 72-degree back wall. It is normally erected towards the back of the house. This makes a huge quantity of loft space and ensures that the proportions are ideal for a room.

Windows in a Mansard are commonly situated within a cube Dormer that projects slightly, enabling natural light to flow in and increasing internal space even more.

Roof Light Conversions

Roof light loft conversion, also known as Velux Loft conversions, is best for those who are on a tight budget. Other forms of loft conversions require altering the roof structure directly, while a roof light loft conversion aims to make use of what is already there and make it usable. It is the cheapest kind of loft conversion and does not need any approval from planning permission.

Loft Conversion Process of Houseline Construction

Here is the Step-by-Step Process of Loft Conversions in Southeast London by Houseline Construction.
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Houseline Constructions will provide you with an excellent Loft conversion that best suits your house. A loft conversion can be a tricky and complex process for a common man without good knowledge and experience. We are here to make this whole process super easy and smooth for you. Our expert team will turn your dream into a reality and take away all of your stress and hassle. 

Site Visit

We’ll provide you with a cost-free consultation and examination of your house. Our expert team will visit your house to analyze its structure and potential for space. They will listen to your desires and understand what you actually want from the Loft. You will also be shown a portfolio of our previous completed projects in southeast London. 

Our team will guide you about our whole process and after which you can make your choice about whether to continue with the project or not.

Design and Budget

Once you’ve decided to proceed with the project, we will arrange your meeting with our architect to discuss your loft conversion concept and determine a reasonable budget. Your ideas will be converted into drawings, and cost possibilities will be presented and investigated.

Legal Procedure

Houseline Construction will handle the whole legal procedure of planning permission for you. Our team will make all the necessary documents and drawings, as well as communicate with the appropriate planning authorities. This involves ensuring that the conversion is according to all safety laws, as well as energy efficiency, structural soundness, and durability. We will handle any leasehold agreements or party walls, as well as difficulties related to loft conversions in site areas and listed buildings.

Cost Estimation

All costs will be within your control. Our team will provide you with a complete estimate and cost breakdown for the work to be done, as well as our fee. Regular reports will be generated to keep you updated about the project progress and budget utilization. 

Construction Process

Our management team will assign a professional construction crew to your loft conversion. They will provide a construction schedule and oversee all activities on the construction site. The project manager will keep you up to date on the progress of your project and will reply to your queries and requests as soon as possible.Our team will make sure to avoid any unnecessary delays and disruptions. 

Completion and Handover

This is the most exciting phase of the whole project for the client. After confirming that every single detail of your project has been completed just according to your demand, our team will sign off the project and hand over the house to you.

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Why Should You Choose Houseline Construction for your Loft Conversion?

Houseline Construction is a leading construction company in South East with a decade of experience. We believe in honesty, dedication, and professionalism. In addition to the best techniques and ideas, we prioritize producing results just according to our client’s vision. 

Our team understands that no two lofts are the same, as every house has its own demands depending on its structure. We customize each loft conversion according to the house structure and the client’s requirements. We promise our clients.

    • To provide high-quality material and skilled workmanship
    • A professional and dedicated project management team to make the whole process smooth and easy for you
    • Good communication from the very first day till the project completion
    • Timely completion of project with no pauses
    • Safe and secure building designs
    • Taking care of any legal difficulties that arise during the construction
    • Economical Budget
    • A free realistic Quote

Major Requirements of Loft Conversions in Southeast

A good Loft extension will not only provide you with some extra space; rather, it will also raise the net value of your home. However, any loft extension in South East must fulfill the following requirements. 

Planning Permission (PD) 

Houseline Construction is among one top custom loft conversion providers in Southeast. We are deeply familiar with the capital’s planning permission procedure and the rules that apply in different boroughs. Our project management team will explain those that apply to your property at the time of design. Our expert team will handle all the planning procedures and approvals for you.

Building Rules and Regulations

All of our Loft Conversion projects are according to the rules and regulations of the building, such as energy efficiency and durability.

Party Wall Agreement

A Party Wall Agreement may apply if your property is attached to another. In such a case, our team will inform you at the time of the initial site visit. If you decide to proceed with the project, we will, handle all of the paperwork for you.

Headroom Limit

The minimum headroom limit for lofts is 2.0 m in South East. Our experts always recommend at least 2.2 m to make sure the proper ventilation and light.

Contact us to convert your loft space into a beautiful room just according to your dream.

Are you planning to transform your Loft and searching for a good Loft conversion in Southeast? Feel free to discuss it with us today. You can contact us through our website or call us directly on our number. We will respond to you super soon. Our expert team will provide you with a free consultation and quote. 

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