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Home Extensions by Houseline Construction

We are not just a group of constructors but also designers and planners to make sure our every home extension best suits the house.

Your family grows with time, and you may need some extra space in your house. A home extension is the best possible solution for it, as it will save you from the hassle of relocating. Houseline construction offers you the best home extension services in South East.

We provide our clients with an incredible team of experts who makes sure that the home extension is of the highest standard and according to the client’s desires.Houseline construction knows the importance of building material in a structure, every single material used by our builders is of the highest quality. 

A house extension involves the addition of a room or a second or third story to your existing house. Our expert team will visit your house to analyze it by taking proper measures and then suggest the best home extension plan. Once you approve the plan, we will provide you with a free obligation quote without hidden costs. After your acceptance, our construction team will be ready to start without any further delay.

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Houseline Construction’s Home Extension Team

Houseline construction has built a solid reputation in this industry with its honest, dedicated, and professional approach to delivering the highest quality construction to our clients. Houseline Constructions believes in transparency and always takes responsibility and ownership of all of its projects. We have the most professional and dedicated team to handle every aspect of your project. We promise you to

  • Provide free quotation without any hidden costs
  • Provide high standard artistry by well experienced and skilled tradesman
  • Provide dedicated and professional project manager
  • Provide an expert team to make sure your project is of the highest standard
  • Always use the highest quality material for construction
  • Have clear communication with our clients through regular meetings from the start till the completion of the project 

Design Phase

The design creation phase involves the owner, architect, engineer, building contractor, and project manager. It’s a collaborative process, and each team member participates in creating a design that represents the owner’s wishes and is also structurally strong and engineered wisely and sustainably. We make sure to provide

  • Creative designs
  • Professional Architects
  • We will do planning permission and all other legal processes

Build Phase

Houseline construction is known for providing the best building contractors in Southeast. Our contractor will be responsible for leading, planning, supervising, and executing the entire project from the beginning to completion. Our professional and well-experienced building contractors make sure.

  • Best planning and implementation of all the project details
  • Quality control
  • Deciding the best construction material and equipment 
  • Best coordination among all the parties involved in the project
  • Completion of project within its estimated time
  • Managing all the project requirements within the established budget
  • Will help with any legal issues during project implementation

Our contractors will track the progress during the whole project and provide you with the project reports. Building contractors are also responsible for hiring subcontractors with specializations in specific areas such as HVAC, electrical installations, etc. Houseline constructions make sure every detail of your construction is done with full expertise and skill.

Project Management

The building contractor collaborates with the project management team to complete the project in its estimated time. Our project management team is responsible for the following activities.

  • Analyzes the project and client’s desires, and then comes up with the best planning
  • Works in collaboration with building contractors to ensure every detail is delivered exactly according to the client’s desire.
  • Arranges regular meetings with the client to keep them aware of all the progress
  • Purchases quality construction material and makes sure it reaches the site on time
  • Rents or purchases the equipment required during construction
  • Creates billing reports for clients to justify all the payments
  • Ensures the availability of funds for construction

The project management team plays a very crucial role in the success of any project. Houseline construction always hires technical and skillful staff. We have been serving house owners in South East for a decade. Our management teams always delivered more than the expectations of our clients. If you want the best project management team for your project in Southeast, then here we are to provide you with our best services.

Honesty and Transparency

You can also check your project’s progress through our online service, which enables you to

  • Check the amount of completed work.
  • See images and videos of your project, which will be uploaded every week.
  • Keep track of your cash flow.

Our Home Extension Process

Here is the Step-by-Step Process of Home extensions in southeast by Houseline Construction.

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Site Visit

Our team will visit your site to analyze its dimensions as well as your desires for your home extension. We will assess your house structure and space possibilities. Our team will discuss with you your wishes and figure out exactly what you want from your house extension. A portfolio of our previously completed projects in southeast London will also be shown to you. Our experts will explain the whole procedure, following which you may decide whether or not to continue with the project. 

Feasibility Analysis

Our full feasibility analysis can help you if you don’t have a clear concept of what you want or if you want to evaluate your choices. It will show you which of the various house extension alternatives are ideal for your specific home. This helps you see how much extra room you can produce and how to make the best use of the space you have already. You may analyze the advantages and disadvantages of several house extension options to determine which one is ideal for you.


To understand the technical and practical elements of your desired house extension construction and design, we need some information. This information is usually gathered through surveys to determine the exact dimensions of the house, easy accessibility for tools and equipment, soil texture, the position of load-bearing walls if they need to be renovated, and the location of any tree drains that could influence the design. Such surveys may be required in any planning application.


Our experienced architects will create concept designs and sketches for your house extension project. Every small detail, such as fitting materials, fixtures, and finishes, will be discussed with you. In a virtual 3D tour, you will see how your house extension plan will look in 3D and how the room will feel. If you want to modify something, then our team will cooperate with you and change it according to your desires.

Budget Estimation

Once you finalize the design, our expert team will provide you with a complete budget, including the cost breakdown for construction work as well as our fee. We will also generate regular financial reports to keep you informed about budget utilization.

Legal Procedure

Our team will handle all the legal process, including planning permission for your project. We will analyze the complete details of the site area, and if any legal restrictions related to the project are found, they will  discuss with you, and your house extension design and construction will be planned accordingly. Our experts will produce and submit all the necessary documents for your project to your local authorities. 


A dedicated construction team will be assigned for your house extension project. The building constructor, sub-building constructors, and project management team will work in collaboration with each other to ensure a seamless and hassle-free construction of your project.

Completion and Handover

After ensuring that every detail of your house extension has been completed with high standards and according to your demands, our team will hand it over to you. All the work will be finished within the estimated budget and time, without any defects. Now you can enjoy living in your dream house, having enough space.

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Home Extension services offered by Houseline construction

Houseline construction Ltd is the best construction company in South East. Our expert team suggests the best exterior and interior designs and makes sure that a home extension does not affect the overall beauty of your house. According to their requirements and desires, we have been delivering the following Home Extension services to house owners in South East for a decade.

Single and double story extensions

For a decade, Houseline Construction has provided beautiful and elegant single and double-story extensions in South East. These extensions provide you with extra space and significantly influence the worth of your property. 

Either you want to extend your kitchen and dining room, or add another bedroom, we will suggest an outstanding plan. Some people prefer single-story extensions, while others like to have a double-story house. It all depends on the personal desires of the clients and the structure of the house or building. Our team will provide you with the best counseling for it and make things clear for you.

No matter which type of extensions you like to add to your property in London, Houseline construction is here to suggest the most delicate designs for it. 

Loft and Garage conversions

If you want to increase the storage facility or the living space of your house, then a lot of changes may be required. The good idea is to make a habitable space in your house’s existing garage or loft space. Houseline construction specializes in garage and loft conversions with an incredible team of experts who have a lot of experience.

A loft conversion involves turning a space of the roof into a room or storage place. It is a cost-effective method to get some extra space in your home. Houseline construction is here to transform your empty roof space into a beautiful guestroom, play area for children, study room, or whatever you desire. Understanding the home’s existing structure is very important for loft conversion, as not every roof can bear the weight of a certain type of loft. For this, our team will first do a structural survey to avoid any risk and suggest the best loft conversion plan according to the structure of your house. 

A garage conversion is another cost-effective and quick method that significantly increases your house’s space and net worth. Houseline construction has provided beautiful and elegant loft and garage conversions in South East. Planning plays a crucial part in both of these techniques, and we have the best and most experienced planners to convert your garage or loft into a beautiful room.

Other House Extension Services 

Here are some other popular home extension services provided by Houseline Construction.

  • Rear Home Extension
  • Front Home Extension
  • Terraced Home Extension
  • Semi-detached House Extension
  • Under Garden Extension
  • Loft Conversions
  • Basement Conversions
  • Sunroom
  • Kitchen Extension
  • Bathroom Extension
  • Wrap around home Extension
  • Over Structure Home Extension

Essential Legal procedure for a house extension in South East

A house extension generally comes under permitted development and does not require any planning permission. However, there are some rules and regulations in certain areas of South East. Our experts understand the whole planning process quite well. We will design your house extension, keeping in mind all the rules and restrictions of your area. We will handle all the documentation process, including:

  • Party wall agreement
  • Building Consent
  • Approval from building authorities
  • Planning permission

Average Cost of a house extension in London

The Average Cost of a house extension in London depends on the size and type of extension you choose. Some baseline home extension costs are as follows.

  • A single-story extension generally costs 1600-2100£ per square meter
  • Each additional story will cost you about 70% of the price of the single story
  • In addition to building costs, you will have to pay for the part walls (if required), planning application, and building regulations application. All these processes may cost you about an additional 1900 to 3200£.
  • You will also have to pay 20% VAT

Additional Costs for a Complex site

Some additional costs may apply in the case of a complex site

  • A complex site may need some extra construction materials or equipment such as sand, clay, made-up ground, or marsh
  • Existing walls may require some structural changes
  • There may be cases where drains, pipework, or meters need to be moved
Kindly note that the above costs are baseline figures just to give you some initial idea regarding costs. Actual figures may vary subject to a number of conditions
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