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Houseline Construction: The Top Basement Extensions in South East

Do you want to expand your house but don’t have enough space in your garden, or is your loft not appropriate for conversion? You may think that the only option to get more space is to relocate. However, there is another good alternative. You can go for a basement conversion or extension, which involves excavating below the floor to get more space.

In some regions of the UK, especially in South East, where property prices and stamp duties are very high, basement conversions have become a popular choice for people. An important benefit of a basement conversion is that it provides you with a whole new floor with a lot of free space.

Benefits of a Basement Conversion

The advantages of a basement conversion differ by area, but all basements are generally praised for adding more living or storage space to a property. It’s possible to have a separate entry or even a hidden entry through the basement. 

Moreover, you could wish to create a children’s play area that can later be transformed into a safe hangout for teens and, eventually, a cave apartment to rent or sell. There are infinite options. Here we have discussed some of the main reasons why people in the UK prefer basement conversions.

Reorganizing Living room

Relocating TV dens and children’s playrooms and utilities and storage facilities underground may change the upstairs. A basement makeover is an opportunity to transform your toy-strewn dining area into a large kitchen.

Additional Space

According to most house owners and building professionals, a basement conversion is the cheapest alternative for increasing the livable space of your house. To add a room to your house, regardless of its size, you will require a foundation, a roof, and several structural walls. On the other hand, converting a basement to act as an additional room isn’t that expensive when the fundamental structure is already in place.

Comfy Hangout

Sometimes, families just want to turn their basement into a relaxing and entertaining space. A basement is one of the most pleasant living areas in the house since it is readily heated and cooled. Basement conversions done right, with sound-dampening features and natural insulation, may turn your basement into one of your home’s most enjoyable spaces.

Increase Net Worth

According to experts, a basement conversion may boost the value of a home by up to 30%. Generally, buyers are much more interested in a house with a basement than one with a traditional house extension. If you want to sell your property, then a basement extension will not only enable you to sell it at a higher price, rather you’ll also be able to sell it quickly.

Work from Home

A basement conversion can be utilized as a home office, studio treatment room, study room, or cottage industry area, with a separate entry.

Secure space

A basement can be used as a safe room or safe parking for your classy cars.

Critical Issues of a Basement Conversion in South East

Planning Permission

A few things must be considered while asking for planning permission for your basement extension in South East. Historically, basement extensions come under permitted development and do not need any approval from planning permission.

However, recently many new restrictions have been imposed for basement extensions in many areas of South East. So; make sure to go complete all the legal processes to avoid any unnecessary troubles during construction. 

Party Wall Act

Many basement conversions need some excavation. Excavation beneath or near a party wall is typically required for basement conversions in South East. According to the Party Wall Act, you must notify your neighbors if your project involves excavation beneath or near your shared wall. In most cases, you’ll need to get their permission first.


As heavy rainfall is experienced in South East, so a good damp-proofing of the basement is very important. Our expert team will suggest to you different waterproofing choices available, including systems built for flood-prone locations. All of the systems we use are backed by extensive warranties. The technology we use provides 100% assurance of no water leakage.


The application of a coating or membrane to the interior or exterior of a structure is known as basement tanking. This prevents water from accessing the property’s living zone, making the basement waterproof. This is known as ‘Type A’ waterproofing.

Types of Basement Conversions

Shell and Core

The construction of a basement excavation infrastructure is referred to as Shell and Core. The party wall may require underpinning and the installation of a strengthened, damp-proof shell.


After completing the infrastructure, we move on to the more typical parts of a construction project: heating, plumbing, wiring, fixtures, layout, and finishing.

Houseline Construction’s Basement Extension Team

Due to the unique challenges that come with a basement conversion in South East, a basement expert contractor is required. We are one of the greatest basement professionals in the County. Whatever your building demands are, Houseline Construction is here to fulfill them and deliver you the best results. Here are some major perks of hiring Houseline Construction for your next project.

  • You will be provided with amazing architectural designs.
  • An in-house structural engineer
  •  will oversee your conversion.
  • British Standard 8102:2009 will be followed throughout the project, which is the Code of Practice for Safeguarding the Below-Ground Structures from Ground Water.
  • Appropriate basement conversion planning application will be provided by competent hands in London.
  • Houseline Construction carries public liability insurance as well as an all-risks policy to safeguard you and our contractors. All structural work comes with a 15-year guarantee.
  • Our expert team will help you create cost-effective and optimized designs.
  • Our team will provide a cost breakdown in detail.
  • You will get a high-end result at a very reasonable cost.

Design Phase

  • We provide an in-house structural engineer to deal with all the technical aspects of basement design.
  • We have the most experienced and professional architects.
  • Our team will make the whole process of planning permission easy and hassle-free for you.
  • We will do all the registrations


Build Phase

  • We are the most well-reputed contractors in South East.
  • We provide professional builders and workmanship to look after your project.
  • The highest quality construction material is used

Project Management

The significance of proficient project management cannot be underestimated. An experienced and skilled project manager will supervise your project. He will handle every aspect of your project, from scheduling to design and overseeing the construction. You’ll be able to meet him on the construction site and connect with him online on a frequent basis. Some major responsibilities of a project manager include

  • Evaluates the project and the client’s needs before establishing the optimal strategy.
  • Schedules frequent meetings with the clients to keep them updated about the project’s development.
  • Purchases high-quality building material and ensures its timely delivery on site.
  • Good financial management to provide you with the finest service possible.
  • Appropriate rules and regulations to ensure the health and safety of workers at the site.

Honesty and Transparency

You can also monitor all the progress of your project through our online service.

  • Photos and videos of your project will be updated on a weekly basis
  • Check the percentage of completed work
  • Keep an eye on your cashflow

Houseline Construction’s Basement Extension Process

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Our basement conversion process involves the following steps.

Site Visit

We provide a free, no-obligation consultation and analysis. This includes a site visit to analyze the site’s possibilities as well as understand more about your purpose and goals for the project. Our team will discuss with you to learn about the desired colors, themes, layout, and features. We will also show you a portfolio of our completed projects. 

Moreover, our team will go through your budget and any planning restrictions that apply and guide you about the entire process so you can make your final decision about whether to continue with the project.


We’ll need to undertake site surveys before moving on to the design stage. These will help with the technical aspects of your basement conversion and may be required as part of the planning application. Our surveys include

Geo-technical survey

Our team explores the soil structure to the depth of the excavation and identifies any possible difficulties with the water table’s height.

Topographical Survey

A topographical survey is conducted to measure the exact dimensions of the construction site.

Drains Survey

A drainage survey is conducted to determine where drains flow around your property and garden to determine the impact of a basement conversion. A separate “build-over” agreement from your water utility supplier may be necessary, depending on where the drains flow.

Arboricultural Survey

This survey involves an analysis of the condition of trees in your and surrounding gardens to determine if a basement excavation will have an impact on them. It also tells which trees are protected by a Tree Preservation Order.

Flood Risk Survey

This survey is carried out only in areas where there is a risk of flooding. It can also give suggestions for flood mitigation measures to reduce the flooding risk on construction sites and their surrounding regions.


At this phase, our architect will start creating concept sketches and drawings to help you visualize your ideas. When it comes to creating a basement room that you truly want to utilize, natural light and ceiling height are essential. There are several classic methods for bringing natural light into a basement conversion. Our architect will discuss them as well as some innovative new ideas with you.

You may then choose from a variety of fixtures, fittings, materials, and finishes. In a virtual 3D tour, you’ll also be able to see how the design will appear in 3D and feel what the room will feel like. No issue if you find something you’d like to modify! We will work with you on the designs until you are completely satisfied.

Planning Permission

Our experts understand the planning procedure very well. We’ll tell you about any restrictions that apply to your home or neighborhood right away, and they will influence the design of your basement extension. On your behalf, we will submit the essential documentation and drawings to your local government authority.

Budget Estimation

After the designing and finishing are done, our architect will generate all the schematics for the build, and our quantity surveyor will estimate the project cost for you. A guaranteed, fully categorized, and fixed-price estimate will be sent to you.

Construction Phase

After you approve the design and budget of the project, our management team will start the construction process without any further delay. Our dedicated project manager and building contractor will handle every small detail of your project and ensure that quality material, tools, and workers reach the site timely.

Completion and Handover

Once the construction is complete, our staff will go through everything deeply to ensure that every small detail of your basement is of the highest standard and just according to your demands. Now you can relax and enjoy the fulfillment of your idea, which has been precisely developed and delivered on budget, on time, and without defect.



If you’re searching for a good basement conversion in South East but don’t know where to start, get in touch with our basement experts today. You can contact us directly by calling on the given number or emailing us. We will arrange your meeting with our experts. They will listen to your demands and provide you with free counseling and quotation.